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Social Media Marketing

The term, “Social Media Marketing”, itself defines the meaning about using social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. It is the process of marketing through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

As decades passed, the whole marketing landscape has changed with the introduction of social media. New doors of promoting products or services are opened that also help to generate higher revenues as well as is also easy to use and a powerful tool to share a piece of content or image all over the world in seconds. Though, many people use social media for personal reasons, but many are focusing on creating various strategies to promote business or service.

Today, social media marketing is becoming a benchmark for many businesses as investing time in this marketing helps to generate brand awareness, engage target audiences, helps in generating leads and many more.

As of now, it has been clear that social media marketing helps to generate a 360 degree vision to different group of people. Many small, mid and large scale industries are using the benefits of social media in their own way. Some of the well known industries that are using the tool of social media marketing are as follows:

Real Estate: As of now, real estate is the most socially active industries as agents, brokers, developers, and property managers use social media for the promotion of properties to customers.

Human Resource/Recruiting: This industry uses social media to find the right “candidate” for any open position with the right skillets.

Technology: There are many people who are interested in reading and getting updates in the field of technology. With the help of social media it has become easy to quickly get various updates on technology.

Entertainment: Like all other industries, entertainment industry is also becoming more and more popular with the help of social media. People can easily access many TV shows, videos, award functions on Facebook, YouTube as well as read various Tweets on any celebrities.

Education: The power of social media has also spread its branches in the field of education too. With the help of social media students, educators, institutions, universities are able to connect easily as well as providing various curriculums that helps in the growth of students.

Restaurants: Restaurants, or say, food and beverage industry have found a great value in social media. Many small and big restaurant share pictures and videos of recipes, run different contest, asks reviews and feedbacks, gives kitchen tips to housewives and many more.

Fashion: Fashion industry is a very vast industry and daily different types of fashionable products are launched in the market. People find easy to get updates on the latest fashion trends with the help of social media.

Small Business: Social media is also helpful for small businesses too. This platform helps to stand out and find increased exposure for the business owners to discover new business partnerships.

Travel & Hospitality: There are many people who are interested in travelling for various reasons like personal or professional. Social media is helping travel industries to post last-minute travel deals, get feedbacks from customers as well as offer various customer services that can help build a good reputation.

As it has been clear, that social media marketing can lead to more loyal customers, more brand recognition; generate more and more revenues etc.

There are many ways through which social media marketing can be done in a very effective and systematic way. Some of the important aspects of doing social media marketing are as follows:

  1. Before posting any image, video, links, content the first and foremost thing is to choose the right social networks. Many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn provides different tools to promote products or services in different ways.
  2. Timing is very important in social media marketing. Always schedule your emails, tweets, status updates and blog posts at the right time.
  3. Many researches have shown that photos perform better than videos, links and text. Pictures are itself a self-explanatory, like charts and infographics.
  4. Always keep high-quality and real content or image that helps in displaying your marketing channels. It should be displayed both online and offline to the target audiences.
  5. Other than promoting products or services to customers, it is also a very important task to analyze or measure the report of promoting products or services.
  6. At time to time provide various offers, generate contests, ask for feedbacks, do surveys that helps to improve the process of marketing in the right direction.
  7. Other than promoting, also check the status and updates of the competitors and then plan or modify the plans for the promotion of business.
  8. Be specific about sharing your content, images, and videos with the audiences. Always share content that people want to see or they care about.
  9. Today various types of emojis are available in social media sites. Also use emojis to convey your message. Incorporating emojis in the right way help in bridging the gap between the owner and customer.
  10. The budget is very important in any marketing. Before planning and executing any marketing set a budget and then promote products or services in various social media platforms.
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