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The world is going digital, so it the era of new technology and its essential to get knowledge for digital marketing! There is a dire need of trained professionals who understand this medium and can use these technologies to reach out to right consumers markets more effectively. This course on Digital Marketing combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)  provides a quantitative approach to understand and harness tools like online advertising and social media to meet organizational / individual objectives. this programme is to make awareness of new technology like imparting and maximum use of free marketing tools available in the internet.  The programme lays strong conceptual understanding to use analytics for business decisions and predictions.

This program includes learning of art of doing statistical analysis of the website and key word research, competitor analysis, optimisation of the website. Learning off page optimisation like submission of b2b, directory, article, blogs   etc.

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Key Features

Targeted traffic
High return on investment (ROI)
Does not required specialization or vast technical skills
Ability to go viral therefore high visibility
Cost effective (only time and efforts)
32 hours of High Quality e-Learning content

Digital Marketing

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  • Duration: 32 hours
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