SHILPKAR, a division of Sambhavi Samarpan Foundation is in to the profession of sculpting the skills of Human resource, thereby enhancing their value along with that of the enterprise and contributing to the quality wealth of nation. According to International Labor Organization,57% of the employers worldwide are not able to find entry-level workforce as Knowledge driven economy globally demands skilled and knowledgeable human resource across all business domains. Further, growing concerns whether profit making or nonprofit making are also required to constantly up skill, reskill and polish the skill sets of their Human resource to succeed and excel in the Business & Service Need based project:

Shambhavi Samarpan Foundation is formed by a team of young committed professionals to fulfill their mission of Bridging the Gap between the Patron & the Dependent in order to shape better tomorrow for the mankind. These young men believe that there are abundant resources which can be tapped and channelized in the right direction.

“One who stops learning is dead.” – Swami Vivekananda.

This is indeed true in context to our day to day life. Like Food is mandatory to keep us alive and exercise to keep us fit and strong, similarly we require “Training” to keep ourselves mentally & intellectually healthy and strong while developing our full potential so as to enrich versatility of our lives and survive in today’s competitive world. In “Project Shilpkar”, we will design and impart need based training and to “Bridge the Gap between the Skill Set Required & Talent Available” which also complement our mission and, of-course “Bridging The Gap Between The Patron & The Dependent”. Our qualified trainers will patronize by formulating Training Programs well suited for Human resource.

Vision & Activity Span

  • This include the complete gamut of training programs starting from Pre Induction Training, Domain Specific Induction Training, Campus to Corporate Intervention, Domain Up skilling, Cross Skilling, Mid-Level Managerial training interventions and Leadership Training.
  • Process and Product Rollout: Up skilling the stakeholders, managing the change, divisions/ business functions in organization, critical chain management challenges.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Interventions: Innovative solutions for running business with Inclusive growth of community by identifying and developing solutions to bridge the gap for development of the society through inclusive growth of the community by prioritizing the specific need in the area keeping future focused approaches of CSR.
  • Our offering includes Building strategy for development under CSR, Social impact analysis and assessment, Creating CSR framework/charter for corporate, Project planning, implementation and assessment, CSR and Sustainability assurance, Stakeholder’s engagement, Linking CSR with brand and reputation, Implementing CSR programs, creating innovative educational and vocational training curricula for members of underprivileged societies, women and physically challenged youth and successfully implement training to create “Industry ready and readily employable professionals”.

Training is not a generic exercise, rather it is very personal and specific; it is like designing, stitching & fitting a garment from a raw cloth to suit an individual and get its due value. Similarly a training program too would be useless till it suits well to the needs of its enterprise as well as that of recipient. Training is for regular polishing of one’s learning that carves path to excellence. We all are with immense potential but prime thing is to first realize it, then to develop it and lastly to excel. In modern changing times, one has to participate to be a part of it and Training is the only tool to convert one’s Learning Liability into An Intellectual Property Asset.

  • Training integrates people into organizations and help them conform to laid down patterns of behavior
  • Training can increase mix of relevant knowledge, skills and motivation to enhance value of employees
  • Training plots performances of people at work in one of the three ways; targets, standards and competence
  • Training updates employees in business and work which is driven by dynamic and constantly changing external factors
  • Training helps in developing the potential of team which is driven by dynamic and constantly changing external factors
  • Training helps in developing the potential of team which is considered as good people management

All private, public and Government sector organizations, today face rapid and often unexpected change. Giving employees the knowledge, skills and attitude to cope with such change is a prerequisite to survival and success, both personal and business to reap benefits mentioned above.

  • Prolonged experience, brainware resources and team of quality trainers facilitate us to provide complete gamut of training programs starting from induction training, domain specific training, domain up skilling, cross skilling, midlevel managerial training interventions and leadership training.
  • We are competent to span over entire facet of training viz. Create – Design – Manage – Train for various training programs per need including vocational training.
  • We provide Integral Yoga Training (for physical, mental and emotional health and balance) to participants between 7 years to 70 years based on Tavaria System of Rhythmic Breathing and Refining exercises anywhere in the country at our cost.